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So many things happened in the last few weeks after the last concert. Piano Prayers has been invited to AGAPE ZOE – the “Yoga, healing music & mindfulness – Festival, where I will be playing on 21st of May!

Actually it is my second festival in just two months. Last week I played spontaneously at BeCome Love – festival and felt I was in the right place at the right time. For what is a philosophical festival of love without music?

Besides many interesting discussions on love and politics or love and money a wise man demanded, according to the Dalai Lama something that many people agreed on: we need ethics, not religion at school. Well, this philosophical subject already exists in Berlin (only). The problem is that even ethics can be corrupted by ideology or overthinking. So another wise man in a shiny blue shirt suggested a subject that would teach kids some kind of “self experience”. Something where students would strengthen their connection to themselves and to others. “But what kind of subject would that be??!” A woman shouted. “I can’t imagine such a thing at school.” Then I raised my hand. My heart was pounding like crazy. They gave me the microphone and (who knows why) invited me on stage. “Thank you for your question” I said. “This subject must be music.”

I told them about my recent experience at the Waldorf-School in Berlin-Mitte, where I played for 11 year old students on 5th of April. After accepting my invitation to be truthful and just to go with the flow a boy said to himself: “Alright, I make peace with myself.”  Wow. What incredible power music can have! Two days ago I applied at the University of Arts for Musik und Philosophie auf Lehramt.

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